Monday, 14 April 2014


Drawing in Gydansk

I went on a drawing trip to Gdansk in Poland. Artist and teacher, Martyn Blundell organised the excursion and brought together small selection of creative individuals, from teachers to current and postgraduate students. The dynamics of the group was excellent, I gained knowledge and inspiration from each of these individuals. The beautiful town of Gydansk opened my eyes to history, as I was overwhelmed by courage fought for solidarity against the soviets. 
There as a group we explored, we observed and we discovered, and from this we created drawings. Drawings that represented how our time and place and surroundings.  
Music and musicians
Martyn organised a visit to Akademia Sztuk Pieknych, an Art University in Gydansk. There we took part in life drawing with the students that attended there. Each of us got paired with student who attended this academy and we collaborated together to complete our paintings. This was very interesting experience as the styles were very different between us and the academy . This created amazing results to the finished paintings.
The painting created by myself and a fellow student at Akademia Sztuk.